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Brick pavers

Brick pavers are one of the most common deck surfaces. Baby Guard Pool Fences can easily be installed in any type of brick pavers, no matter how thick or thin.

Concrete decks

Concrete decks are another extremely common deck surface that Baby Guard pool fences can be installed on.

Grass or Dirt

Some customers prefer to have their pool fence installed in the grass so as not to have any holes drilled in their deck. However, we may have to use a cement footer to secure the pole or a special dirt sleeve.

Wooden Decks

Baby Guard Pool Fences can also be installed on wooden decks. A special wood sleeve may be required.

Wood Docks

Some customers who live on the water prefer to have a removable Baby Guard fence installed on their wooden dock or concrete seawall for easy access.

Concrete Seawalls

Some customers who live on the water prefer to have a removable Baby Guard fence installed on their concrete seawall or wooden dock for easy access.

Pool Fence Installation

One of the most important components of a pool fence that is frequently overlooked, is the installation. Often times, people don’t consider the installation of their fence when they are choosing which company to purchase from. At Baby Guard, we take the installation extremely serious, as an improperly installed pool fence will lead people to have a false sense of security in regards to their children’s protection. While we take great pride in the appearance of our pool fences, we take even more pride in the safety of our fences. Most independent Baby Guard pool fence installers are trained by our corporate office in Coral Springs, FL to ensure that you are receiving the safest pool fence possible. When it comes to your children’s safety, accept nothing but the best.

While other pool fence companies have branched out of the pool fence industry into pool nets, railing fences, alarms, volleyball nets, etc. Baby Guard manufactures pool fences, and pool fences only! This allows us to focus all of our energies on our goal of making a pool fence that is second to none when it comes to safety and appearance. This has also allowed us to be in the forefront of our industry in regards to innovation. Baby Guard is constantly striving to make our fence the best that it can be for your children and your peace of mind.