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Most of the other pool fence companies will offer only one style of mesh, with only 1 or 2 colors to choose from. Baby Guard has plenty of colors to choose from and 3 different styles of mesh. We believe our customers should be given a choice between many color and style options of pool fencing. Pool Fence Photo Gallery.

Only Baby Guard pool fences offer you all of the following:

Baby Guard's Clear View Pool Fence

Clearview Pool Fence

The Baby Guard Clear View Pool Fence Mesh is the most see through fence mesh available today. It is also the most popular style of pool fence mesh with our customers. Unlike most standard free woven mesh designs, the Clear View Mesh is twisted and knotted together. Poles are spaced every thirty six (36) inches and this mesh fence is virtually invisible.

Clearview Pool Fence is available in black, brown, blue, green, white, and beige.

Baby Guard's Premium Pool Fence

Premium Pool Fence

The Baby Guard premium pool fence mesh is the most durable and safest fence available. For added support on this fence, the poles are spaced thirty (30) inches apart from each other. The Premium Mesh is a stronger and improved version of what has been previously available. Baby Guard is the only Pool Fence Company that offers this type of mesh. Premium Mesh has three layers of coating, has ultra violate inhibitors, and has built in mildew retardants. This mesh is considered the strongest mesh by far. The Premium Mesh is also guaranteed not to stretch, shrink, dry rot or fade.

The Premium Pool Fence is available in black, green, blue, and brown.

Baby Guard's Standard Pool Fence

Standard Pool Fence

The Baby Guard standard pool fence mesh is made with a durable, free-woven mesh. The poles are spaced every thirty six (36) inches. Older style pool fences use the standard mesh and some customers still prefer it over the premium and the clear view mesh.

Standard Pool Fence is available in black only.

Reinforced Poles

Swimming Pool Fence

The Baby Guard pool fence poles are constructed using non-corrosive, rust-proof XT-6000™ fully reinforced aluminum, which are the strongest poles in their class. This pole is available in colors to match or coordinate with our exclusive Baby Guard Premium Interlock mesh. The color is powder-coated to the pole to prevent scratches, chipping and peeling.

Order Replacement Poles.

Child-Proof Locks

Child Safety Locks

Baby Guard pool fence offers the ultimate child-proof locks. Our patent pending safety solution is effective even for children of swimming age. This system is key-loackable and will give you peace of mind in knowing that your swimming pool is secure from unwanted access, even for an extended period of time. Children will not be able to open any section of the pool fence as long as it is locked. Insist on key-lockable latches to be sure a child cannot open your fence.

Order Pool Fence Latches.

Baby Guard's Self-Closing Gates

Self Closing Pool Gate

Baby Guard Pool Fence Company's patented self-closing gate (patent #US6789786B1) has revolutionized pool fencing. Baby Guard's self-closing gates can be retrofitted to any existing pool fence without the need of drilling additional holes. This means that you will be able to add one to your existing pool fence later on if you choose to do so. It has a special support system that does not require adjustments when removing and replacing the gate.

To order a self closing gate for your fence, please call us at

Top Pull Magna Latch

Magna Latch for Self Closing Gate

The Top Pull Model Magna Latch is designed especially for swimming pool gates but can be installed on any gate where child safety is important. It is designed to extend above the height of the fence to keep the release knob out of reach of children, and is also key-lockable for added safety. Tested to over 400,000 cycles, the Top Pull Model has been independently verified to meet stringent international safety codes, and has also received several prestigious design awards. More info.

Order Magna Latches & Hinges here.

Pool Fence Deck Caps

Deck Caps

When you decide to take your fence down you may want to put 'pool fence deck caps' in the holes until you are ready to put the fence back up. We have deck caps in four different colors to help match your pavers. There will be plastic sleeve inside the holes that these caps will fit into perfectly. If you are missing any plastic sleeves, your caps may be loose. Consider ordering plastic sleeves below if you are missing them.

Order Pool Fence Deck Caps or Pool Fence Deck Sleeves.

Highest Quality Components

Pool Fence Locks

All of the parts used to construct the Baby Guard pool safety fence are of the highest quality. Baby Guard pool fence uses stainless steel latches and screws and heavy molded sleeve inserts. Matching deck caps are provided to cover holes when the fence is removed. Baby Guard fences are designed to stand up to any environmental element.

Professional Installation

Pool Fence Installation

All Installers are independently owned and operated Baby Guard dealers. They are exclusively licensed to use all Baby Guard products, trademarks, names, and patents. The Baby Guard name can assure you of a quality installation every time.

Find a certified Baby Guard pool fence installer near you!

When choosing a safety pool fence for your child, it is extremely important to know all about the company you will choose to keep your swimming pool safe. Since 1989, the owners of Baby Guard Pool Fence Company have seen many pool fence companies come and go. When making your choice, you should consider how long the company has been in business and their commitment to satisfaction. The proven quality, durability and commitment to safety is the cornerstone of our company.

How does Baby Guard compare to other pool fence brands? Baby Guard Other Brands
Over 25 Years in Business YES X
Independently ASTM Tested YES X
Over 100 Color Combinations to Choose From YES X
American Made YES X
Full Reinforced 1" X-Pole YES Some
5/8" Stainless Pin Pole YES Some
Fiberglass Poles YES Some
Dual Lock Stitched Border YES X
Durable Polyester Powder Coating YES Some
Over 25 Years in Business YES X
T-6 Aluminum (Non-Rust) YES Some
3 Choices of See Through Mesh YES X
Non Welded Self-Closing Gate YES X
Magna Latch Gate System YES Some
Solid Stainless Hardware YES X
LifeTime Warranty YES Some
Special Sleeve for Pavers YES X
Factory Trained Dealers YES X
Non-Conductive Deck Sleeve YES X

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*Pool Fences, as well as any pool safety device, should never be substituted for adult supervision. Always watch children and never let them out of your sight.