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Basic child safety gates

Pool fences are a mandatory piece of pool safety equipment. A sound fence with proper child safety gates will drastically reduce the chances of a small child wandering unsupervised into the pool area. The fact is that a fence is only as sound as its gate. If a gate does not latch properly or includes gaps around the frame that a child easily fits through, the fence is basically useless. Child safety gates should latch in such a way that small children and pets cannot even accidentally open them. If the gate is able to be locked then the fence will serve double duty and discourage uninvited guests from using the swimming pool. Many experts feel that for the pool self closing gates are the safest as they will help maintain a safe perimeter even as people are constantly using them. Be sure to check out our showcase to view the huge selection of pool gates and other pool safety products.

Inground pool self closing gates

For many homeowners, temporary safety fences are the best option. This allows the safety of the fence when needed but also clear access to the yard when necessary as well. The problem is that with such a fence protecting a pool, self closing gates are often an incredible hassle. Often they will not hang right after a reinstallation without massive adjustments or, in some cases, must remain a permanent installation. Baby Guard has a patented gate that will close itself, is key lockable and does not require any adjustments when being removed or reinstalled. This amazing gate can even be retrofitted for use with existing pool fencing systems. Implementation of the Baby Guard self closing gate will finally allow temporary fences to be as convenient as homeowners have wanted.

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*Pool Fences, as well as any pool safety device, should never be substituted for adult supervision. Always watch children and never let them out of your sight.