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Swimming pool safety gates

All too often, pool gates are the weak link in a pool's fence. If the gate is easily opened by children or has large gaps that will not prevent children from getting inside the fenced area, you essentially have no fence at all. Many swimming pool safety gates do not close by themselves, which can lead to problems. Often, some self-closing pool safety gates can be difficult to remount if installed on a temporary style of fence. For too long this has meant that the convenience of a temporary fence is lost because homeowners did not want to go through the hassle of rehanging the gate or a self-closing gate was simply not used. Finally, though, there is a strong self-closing gate from Baby Guard that solves these problems.

Baby Guard pool gates

The Baby Guard Pool Fence Company patented self-closing pool gates include the following amazing features:

  • Unique system does not require adjustment when removing or rehanging
  • Can be retrofitted to existing fences without additional drilling
  • Patent pending child-proof and key-lockable latches
  • Patented self closing gate

Finally, there are swimming pool safety gates that answer almost every homeowner need. Pool owners will be able to confidently walk through their gate with their hands full knowing that the gate will close behind them. The key-lockable latches will help keep uninvited guests from swimming. Even existing fences can take advantage of this innovative safety gate system, which will come as a relief to those frustrated with an existing fence. Best of all, Baby Guard backs its products with a lifetime guarantee on materials and installation.

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