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Evaluating Swimming Pool Barriers

When shopping for pool barriers, there are three basic types of fencing products you will find: chain link, bars and mesh. Chain link tends to be the cheapest and most homeowners also feel it is also the least attractive. It is extremely easy to find, being available in almost every hardware super center, and fairly easy to install. Unfortunately it is also fairly easy to climb. Bars are extremely popular when it comes to pool barriers. From the simple to the ornate, there are many patterns available in a wide range of prices. The disadvantage of bar style fencing as a pool barrier is that it is much more difficult to install. Many patterns are still easily climbed over and some even have gaps large enough to allow small children or pets to gain access to the pool area. Many bar style fences are also often vulnerable to corrosion. When it comes to guarding your pool, mesh fence is the best choice.

For your pool: mesh fence

Mesh fencing is the best choice to protect your pool for a variety of reasons. First of all, a durable mesh forms a gapless barrier around your pool. Mesh fence is lightweight and easily installed, but still able to keep children and pets away from the swimming pool. Baby Guard pool fences are even available in a choice of colors and in four and five feet heights. Perhaps the greatest advantage of Baby Guard mesh fences is that they can be quickly and easily dismantled to roll up and store for the winter or simply to allow access to the entire backyard area. Unlike many other fences, Baby Guard products have a lifetime warranty on materials and labor. When all of these features are brought into consideration, it is obvious that the best choice to protect your loved ones is a Baby Guard mesh pool fence.

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*Pool Fences, as well as any pool safety device, should never be substituted for adult supervision. Always watch children and never let them out of your sight.