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Baby Guard Pool Fence Company is one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of baby proof pool safety fencing in the United States, and has been leading the industry since its inception in 1989. Baby Guard Inc is believed to have the safest, most affordable pool fences and can be customized to fit any size pool. Baby Guard fences are available in either 4 or 5 foot heights and can be installed on nearly all deck surfaces including brick pavers, wood, tile, grass or dirt, seawalls, acrylic and more. Baby Guard Fences don't just make great kid fences, they also help protect pets and the elderly from falling into the pool.

The Baby Guard pool fencing system comes with an access door that can be removed within minutes by an adult. Alternatively, Baby Guard also offers a self-closing gate that will swing shut and is key-lockable. Baby Guard pool fences are available in plenty of colors and styles to match your outdoor color scheme. All Baby Guard pool fences are 100% rust-proof and come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Baby Guard Pool Fence in Black

Baby Guard's pool fence materials have been tested multiple times by a nationally recognized engineering firm, and has been proven to meet or exceed all of the requirements of ASTM F 2286-05, the design and performance specification for removable mesh fencing for swimming pools. Baby Guard owns several patents for its original self-closing gates and has several patents pending.

Swimming pool safety fences and accessories are mandatory in many communities. Although there are many types of pool fences and other pool barriers available. We, at Baby Guard, believe our swimming pool fences and self-closing gates are the most innovative and reliable pool safety products available today.

When you contact a Baby Guard representative, you can be assured that they will have your child’s safety in mind. With office locations across the United States, Canada, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Bolivia and Dominican Republic, you can bet that there is a Baby Guard near you.

For a Free Quote on your new fence or for additional information, use the form below to be put in touch with your local Baby Guard represenatative.

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ABOUT BABY GUARD Baby Guard Pool Fence Company
Baby Guard Pool Fence Company
is one of the largest
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Removable Mesh Fencing, Reinforced Poles, Self Closing Gates and Child Proof Locking Systems.
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Beautiful Pool Fences

Swimming Pool FencingBaby Guard's pool fences meet or exceed National Safety Council Guidelines. The National Safety Council recommends that all pool fences should be 4' & 5' tall. At Baby Guard Pool Fence Company, "We never let our guard down!" Baby Guard Fences are available in many different colors and styles for you to choose from.

Please visit our Pool Fence Products page for more information about Baby Guard's swimming pool fences, self closing gates, poles, locks, latches, etc.

Self Closing Gates

Self Closing GatesBaby Guard's patented self-closing gate (Patent#US6789786B1) has revolutionized pool fencing. Baby Guard's self-closing gates can be retrofitted to any existing pool fence without the need of drilling additional holes. This means that you will be able to add one to your existing pool fence later on if you choose to do so. It has a special support system that does not require adjustments when removing and replacing the gate.

To order a self closing gate for you fence, please call us at
1-888-919-2229 or 954-741-6351.

Child-Proof Locks

Child Proof LocksBaby Guard fences offer the ultimate child-proof locks. Each section of your fence can be key-locked for added security. This key-lockable system offers you peace of mind knowing that your pool is secure from any unwanted intrusions, even for an extended period of time. Insist on key-lockable latches to be sure a child cannot open your fence.

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